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Rolling back into action. Empty Rolling back into action.

Post by Mintei on Mon May 19, 2014 7:12 pm

Hey there.

If you aren't part of our Facebook group, then you probably won't know that we've all been pretty busy with life in general, and that IO hasn't been abandoned for the googlefish to eat up. No, we're all still here. And seeing how my life just got a lot less... education-heavy, I'll be around here almost-daily.

In terms of what's going on, well, the forum may start to look different in the coming weeks. I'm planning to at least change the colours, if not do a full overhaul on the design and layout. Maybe the format will change, maybe it won't. I design this stuff over on a test forum I have, so you won't have to deal with everything switching around randomly (though I tend to work in a different timezone to most of the members).
Gonna be throwing out the group emails to all members, seeing if anyone is still interested in the site. So, watch out for those and ignore them if you want. It's just that this website is nothing without active members - on that note, do invite people who you feel might like to join us.
I probably won't go deleting old member accounts this time, that got far too dramatic, but old topics that haven't been posted on for over a year will be archived by month every so often - anything pre-2013 January is already archived, with the exception of the creative areas of writing and art (we still have 2009 posts there, I think?).

I'll also try and get Risuna away from the land of video games in her free time too, but there are no promises at current.

But, that is basically it. I think. I didn't really think this through.
If anyone wants to arrange a group chat or gaming session, be in in our own chatbox (chox), on Facebook, Skype, Steam, or Tinychat, I'm pretty sure we can somehow make it happen. It's sort of worked in the past. Have found that voice chat gets extremely chaotic though, so at your own peril.
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